Ibrahim El Umari's Portfolio

Welcome to my Portfolio website !

This is a website I personally created in order to introduce my skill and Curriculum Vitae (CV) to any interested party, be it a company, a person or a group of people ! I would be more than happy to receive any kind of feedback from you !

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About me

I am an engineering student at Mohammed VI International Academy of Civil Aviation (AIAC)

My name is Ibrahim El Umari, 20 years old, a Moroccan from Al-Hoceima city. I studied mathematics science (SM-A) as a high school curriculum. Then I studied 2 years at Higher School Preparatory Classes MP. I has always been interested in computer science and IT field. That’s why I chose studying “Génie Informatique” at AIAC. I don’t have any special skills in term of programming languages nor in related IT domains but I’m really willing to improve myself in the future !

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I'm passionate about IT, that's it !


My interests/skills

I am a beginner that had no time to deeply dig into some interesting fields.
But I am looking forward to take opportunities to the MAX !

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Web Development

Web development was the first passion I had since a long time. I used to play with some HTML code, so I can tell that I have some basic knowledge of it. I also worked on some websites projects on WIX.

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Cybersecurity had attracted my attention three years ago when I found a list of username:passwords combos which introduced me to cracking accounts and many vulnerabilities hackers use that I believe that everyone should be aware of !

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a new concept for me. I think that automated task that anyone can create and the ability to create an infinity amount of them so that an information system can work on its own is very ambitious and brings a new future to the smart IT industry.

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Data Science

Data scientists are nowadays some of the most demanded employees in the world! That is because Data Science is informing us about short-term and log-term insights, which helps companies predict the evolution of the market and make new strategies that economize resources and optimize productivity.

My Curriculum

  • 2018-2020: Studied Mathematics & Physics at CPGE Center of Tétouan.
  • 2020- present: Studying “Génie Infotmatique” at AIAC.